Nintendo 3DS Action Replay PowerSaves Pro Review

3DS Action Replay PowerSaves Pro is currently one of the most efficient ways to take your gaming experience to the next level. What does it do? In simple words, it blows your favorite games wide open. It provides access to the latest and most efficient enhancements for the greatest games out there. At the same time, enjoy the access to hidden and less known cheats too. Sure, these games are no longer fair for everyone. Indeed, the hard parts are the most exciting ones. No one can remember the easy moments, but the hard ones. With all these, there are situations when you simply need a godly hand. Continue reading “Nintendo 3DS Action Replay PowerSaves Pro Review”

Best 5 PS Vita RPG Games That Should Come to the West

In a world where the best RPG games come from Japan, PlayStation Vita masterpieces make no exception either. It makes perfect sense to explore your portfolio a little and take a peek at the other side of the world, yet you risk leaving in disgust. Many Japanese games for PlayStation Vita are way above what you are playing. But unfortunately, they are not translated and adapted in English. Sure, you probably imagine that it is only a matter of time until they hit the West too. However, you should arm yourself with patience. So what kind of games should you expect these days? Or better said, what do most RPG gamers demand? Continue reading “Best 5 PS Vita RPG Games That Should Come to the West”